Optimize your Ionic Testing with Wallaby.js, Bard.js, and WebStorm

Coming from a .NET background one tool I sorely missed when switching primarily to JavaScript was NCrunch, the continuous testing extension for Visual Studio. While Webstorm’s support for Karma is top notch, nothing beats being able to witness instantly, parallel to your code, when a test passes or fails. This increased visibility not only makes development and refactoring a breeze, it also offers the side benefit of not so subtly encouraging you when your test coverage is lacking.

With this in mind, I was extremely excited to hear about Wallaby.js, a continuous test runner plugin for Webstorm and the JetBrains line of code editors (more to come!). Similar to NCrunch, Wallaby gives you instantaneous test feedback within your development environment. For TDD, BDD, or anyone who tests their code in any capacity, this article will show you how to get up and running with Wallaby.js and Webstorm, using an Ionic framework application as an example. We will also discuss using Bard.js, an Angular testing helper library written by Ward Bell, to make your Angular tests much easier to write and maintain.
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Practice Makes Perfect!

Practice Makes Perfect: Streamline Your JavaScript Learning Experience

Whether you are an experienced software developer or complete beginner looking to enter the coding world, planned, deliberate practice can greatly strengthen your skill set. Through consistent practice we can deepen our understanding of a language, develop new techniques and patterns, and explore new frameworks or libraries. So what exactly defines practice when it comes to coding?
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Breaking down AngularJS Unit Testing

A strong suite of unit tests is incredibly valuable to any application. Through unit testing, confidence in your code (now and through refactorings) dramatically increases and a living documentation for your code base is born. Luckily for us, Angular was developed with testability at the forefront. Unfortunately for us, the formatting can be a bit strange and offer a barrier to those first getting into Angular unit testing. In this post I hope to clarify the common steps needed to get started constructing a reliable test suite.
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AngularJS + WebAPI = A Happy Wife?

AngularJS + Web API = a happy wife? I certainly wouldn’t have fathomed it a few weeks ago but imagine this conversation:

Wife: What do you want for dinner this week?
Me: I don’t know, what do you want?
Wife: I don’t know, what do you want?

Now, I know this isn’t going to win the academy award for best dialogue but I would be willing to bet you have encountered something similar recently with a significant other or collegue. After having this conversation myself for the hundredth time, I (or my wife?) decided it was time for a little automation and MealBuilder+ was born!
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