Understand and Utilize the Async Pipe in Angular 2

UPDATE: Check out the video version of this article, Using the Async Pipe in Angular 2, at Egghead.io!

With the release of Angular 2 Beta last month, the team declared the next generation of AngularJS ready for large applications. As a developer, the time is now to start acquiring an understanding of the new API, patterns, and features. One such exciting new feature is the async pipe, which allows the auto update of component templates through emitted observable events and resolved promises. This can not only provide a reduction in code but also assist in facilitating exciting new data flow and state management patterns and architecture, coupled with performance optimization. Furthermore, an understanding of how this feature was implemented can demystify the process and help inspire new ideas. Let’s dive in and learn how to put the new async pipe to use in our Angular 2 applications!
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