Hello and welcome! I am genuinely excited to have you reading. For my first post I wanted to provide a brief introduction and summary of the content that will be featured on this blog moving forward. So without further ado…

Who am I? I am primarily a C# and JavaScript developer. I am passionate about web development and excited about the direction the environment is moving. I love learning new technologies and staying on the cutting edge of the field. I firmly believe there is always more to learn and always a better way to tackle each particular problem we encounter in software development.

What will I be writing about? My focus will be on new, relevant technologies currently pushing the web forward. Coming from an ASP.NET space professionally, I suspect many of my posts will involve this stack in some way. I also imagine a heavy JavaScript lean will take shape as I strongly believe rich client applications are the future of the web. I am currently enthralled with AngularJS and the SPA (single-page application) movement, so the majority of my posts over the coming months (years?) are likely to involve this amazing framework and surrounding technologies. As always, I will adapt as the web adapts.

So enough about me, it’s time to get started! Until next time, happy coding!